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Mardriona is an NPC who appears in Fjolarok during the Sjofni's Embrace event, and is the vendor for the event. It is known that Mardriona is an acolyte of Sjofni and is fond of animals. You can find her among the animals on the left side of Fjolarok, right above the pond.

Mardriona offers lore dialogue and also trades milkwort for toys, pets, or pet skins.

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Quality Level Reputation Cost
Rat Cage.png Rat Cage Pet Common 20x Milkwort
Pet Pink Rat.png Pink Rat Mtx Rare 50x Milkwort
Elixir of Infatuation.png Elixir of Infatuation Toy Epic 50x Milkwort
Sjofnian Bow.png Item Skin: Sjofnian Bow Mtx Epic 75x Milkwort
Sjofnian Huntress.png Skin: Sjofnian Huntress Mtx Epic 100x Milkwort

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