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The lore of Isleward is still being developed.

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Some already fan - made lore:

  • Vanquishing corrupted animals throughout the island, the three brave heroes collected and augmented gear they picked up to suit their needs until they believed they were strong enough to defeat this monster in the depths of Estuary; M'ogresh. They all banded together and embarked on their trek through Estuary. As they entered this evil place they noticed something distinctly wrong with the corrupt animals around them. They were much more fierce and vicious than what they were used to. Our three brave heroes fought, just trying to survive in this horrid place as they made turn after turn. The wizard named Owl surmised that because of their proximity to the spawn of Necros, the evil influence was having a much stronger influence on the wildlife as they now held no self restraint and attacked at the first sign of movement. This was bad for our heroes as the animals soon proved to be too dangerous for them. They tried to escape out of Estuary, but after making so many turns through the maze, they could not find their way out. The hero, Lynx, decided to scout around and find anything that looked familiar for them to escape through. The other two heroes agreed and waited for him to return. After about a minute, they started hearing creaking and grinding around them and were horrified to watch their surroundings change before their eyes. The path their friend took was no more to be seen as the mountains and ravines shifted into different places. Owl and Bear frantically searched for the other hero through every path. They were about to give up as they saw an orange glow coming down one of the paths ahead of them. They went toward it to investigate and coming around the corner, they saw it. The fiery creature made of bones called M'ogresh. Owl and Bear quickly hid in some bushes, but heard some rustling next to them. As they turned to look, they saw Lynx sneaking over to them, motioning to stay quiet. This was their moment at last.
    Will the heroes be strong enough to defeat the spawn of Necros? Will M'ogresh’s defeat undo the corruption in this world or is there a deeper force they have not yet seen? - GaaraOfTheSand#1437
  • Long ago there where once 3 gods: Necros, the god of chaos, Helos, the god of justice, and Elementa, the god of law. These three gods ruled the universe peacefully until Necros decided that it was time to change... for worse. He flooded the world with his evil magic giving rise to fierce monsters and corrupting the word as we know it, but all was not lost, even though it appeared to be. A hero of legend appeared to stop Necros. Using the mythical spell blade Pnévma, he was able to stop the evil god... at the cost of his own life. The universe was saved... or so it seemed. A lonely monster who once served under Necros has risen to power and his name was M'ogresh, the Crypt ruler. Using his evil power bestowed to him by the chaos god Necros, he has once again corrupted the world, but the legend states that the split soul of the hero of the past will be given to three new heroes: a brave knight with the strength of a bear, a cunning thief with the dexterity of a lynx, and a bright mage with the intellect of a owl. Three heroes rising from the ashes of the hero who has fallen all to end the terror M'ogresh has re-created on earth, aided by the two remaining gods. The heroes will journey to the lair of the demon. The otherworldly lair being the Estuary once a holy ground now corrupted by darkness. Will the heroes of promise save the world? - Deleted User#0000
  • Runes are obviously a very important integral part of the game, they allow you to use amazing powers that couldn't be granted to you without possessing that rune. But how are these runes made? Like sure the rune-crafter makes them but what if he just refines their power and makes them stable enough to use for combat. What if these runes are actually the exhaust energy or remnants from the God and/or God's of IsleWard that used to walk on the Earth before the Age of Man, that have formed and condensed into the stone of the earth. Making these Runes Very holy indeed in a clergy stand point and that's why the churches are fighting, Over which of the Churches god created the Runes. And you The Player Have Crashed on the Isles of IsleWard while traveling in your quest to find the Legendary mythical Summit<Put Better Name for Resting place of the Gods here> (The Island where the True God/Gods reside) in order to put to rest the Millennia long argument on who the True gods are. And now that you are In IsleWard your goal is to train, research, and find the Summit and forever write your name in history. - And_Man#1184

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