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Version 0.3.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Sun Carp
Sun Carp.png
Ancient Sun Carp
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Angler's Marks
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When equipped with a fishing rod, players can walk to certain "bubbly" areas of water and press G or U to fish. Currently, the only catchable fish are Sun Carp, which come in different sizes.

Fishing Rods[edit]

Name Stats Augmentable? Obtaining Notes
Flimsy Fishing Rod None Yes Hermit (12 gold)
Competition Rod 50% faster catch speed
25% extra catch chance
No Angler Nayla
The only rod that can catch Ancient Sun Carp
for the Fishing Competition
Common Fishing Rod 1 random stat Yes Angler Nayla
(5 Angler's Marks)
Magic Fishing Rod 2 random stats Yes Angler Nayla
(15 Angler's Marks)
Rare Fishing Rod 3 random stats Yes Angler Nayla
(45 Angler's Marks)
The Soulfisher 4 random stats Yes The Pumpkin Sailor
(1600 Candy Corn and Revered with the Pumpkin Sailor)
Only available during Soul's Moor

Fishing Rods Stats[edit]

Remember that 2 stats can stack themselves if they are the same.

  • Example : If a rod generate 25 extra catch chance and 49 extra catch chance, it will result to 74 extra catch chance.

Extra catch chance [0 - 60]
Increase the chance to get something when fishing (Cap 60)
  • Real catch chance calculation (%) : 40 + Extra catch chance
Faster catch speed [0 - 150]
Decrease the time to get something when fishing (Cap 150)
Higher fish rarity [0 - 100]
Increase the chance to get a better quality fish (Cap 100)
Increased fish weight [0 - 75]
Increase the weight of the fish you get. (Cap 75)
Will not give better quality (Only weight will increase).
Extra chance to hook items [0 - 50]
Increase the chance to get special item you can fish. (Cap 50)
  • Cerulean Pearl
    • Real drop rate calculation (%) : 0.2 + Extra chance to hook items * 0.2
To compare fishing rods to catch extra items, one can use this formula: large values give better rods.
(1 + Extra chance to hook items) * (40 + Extra catch chance) / (200 - Faster catch speed)

Fishing Competition[edit]

The fishing competition is an event that occurs on Fjolarok every day at 7:00 and 19:00 UTC (server time). When Angler Nayla appears next to path north-east of the Hermit's Shack (pick right before the bridge), players can participate in the fishing competition by catching Ancient Sun Carp at locations where players normally catch Sun Carp.

The competition gives players 10 minutes to prepare, and then 10 minutes to fish.

The players who participate earns Angler's Marks, the player who caught and gave Angler Nayla the heaviest Ancient Sun Carp earns the most Angler's Marks, which can be exchanged for better fishing rods and Cerulean Pearls, which are used to augment fishing rods.


Rank Angler's Marks
1 25
2 15
3 7
Other 2


Special Fishing Tournament (November 9, 2018)

The Special Fishing Tournament was a one-time event held on November 9, 2018.

It was a normal fishing tournament but the 2 first winners get a special rare quality rod skin (the same of Grand Fishing Tournament) with custom name.

The 2 winners were :

  • ASVAL : Rename his rod to "Pappa Carp Rod"
  • Polfy : Rename his rod to "Maureen's Heart"

Grand Fishing Tournament (September 3, 2017)

The Grand Fishing Tournament was a one-time event held on September 3, 2017 at 6PM GMT. The prizes given out were the Master Rod, Nayla's Double Hook, and triple the number of Angler's marks than usual.

Another fishing related item is Nayla's Double Hook, another exclusive item of the Grand Fishing Tournament. It is a hook type item (the first of its kind) but is equippable into the trinket slot. It is a level 1 item, associated with The Anglers (Neutral), and gives a 4% chance to multi-catch.