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Fishing Tournament[edit]

The Fishing Tournament is an event that occurs on Fjolarok every day at 7:00 and 19:00 UTC (server time). When Angler Nayla appears next to the path north-east of the Hermit's Shack (head right before the bridge to Fjolgard), players can participate in the competition by catching Ancient Sun Carp at locations where Sun Carp can normally be caught.

Ancient Sun Carp can only be caught if the Competition Rod is equipped. A competition rod can be obtained for free by talking to Angler Nayla.

The tournament starts with a 10-minute preparation announcement, then 10 minutes of fishing, then some time to claim rewards.

The player who turns in the heaviest Ancient Sun Carp to Angler Nayla receives the most Angler's Marks. There are increased rewards for first, second, and third, but all participating players receive at least 2 marks.

Angler's Marks can be used to buy fishing rods from Nayla or Cerulean Pearls which are used to augment fishing rods.

Version 0.11.0: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Rank Angler's Marks
1 25
2 15
3 7
Other 2