Enraged Rat

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Version 0.11.0: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Enraged Rat[edit]

Enraged Rat
Enraged Rat
Level: 11
Health: 4050
Attack: Melee/Rune
Mana: /
Armor: /
Drops: Magic+ Equipment
Location: Fjolgard Sewers

The Enraged Rat is a level 11 rare monster that can be found in the Fjolgard Sewers. The Enraged Rat is a stronger version of the Rat, and has a chance to replace one. The Enraged Rat can be identified from a regular Rat by the square marking around it. An Enraged Rat is able to use a rune normally used by players, thus rendering some Enraged Rats more dangerous than others depending on the rune it is using.