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Cards is a new feature added in v0.1.8. Cards can be made into sets. When getting the required amount cards, by going to the NPC Vikar you can turn your cards into a certain item. There are currently 6 card sets (as of v0.1.8).

Card Sets

Card Name Card Image Item Item Image Drops From Set Size Notes
Runecrafter's Toil Missing.png Random Rune Rune.png 2.5% chance to drop from mobs level 3 to 100 3 Gives a randomly generated rune. Collecting this card is a good way to get runes that you don't have.
Godly Promise Missing.png Level 15 Legendary Weapon N/A 1.5% chance to drop from sewer mobs 6
The Other Heirloom Missing.png Perfect Level 10 ring N/A 2% chance to drop from a flamingo 3
Benthic Incantation Missing.png Princess Morgawsa's Trident Trident.png 1.5% chance to drop from estuary mobs 12 The Trident has a chance to trigger a freeze-on-hit effect on enemies
Fangs of Fury Missing.png Steelclaw's Bite Missing.png 20% chance to drop from Steelclaw 20 Steelclaw's Bite is a Curved Dagger type weapon with double slash as it's spell. It has double dex and double critical hit multiplier rolls, as well as an always critically hit effect and a chance to damage the user.
Cheer and Spear Missing.png Festive Spear FestiveSpear.png 100% chance from Merrywinter Rare Monsters 3 Festive weapon

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