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Stinktooth is a level 13 boss monster found in the Fjolgard Sewers. He spawns on the highest layer in a large, circular room, and is stronger than the monsters in the surrounding areas. Killing Stinktooth will give 15 reputation with Fjolgard. He is hostile to all players. Stinktooth respawns 1714 ticks (10 minutes) after it is killed.

Version 0.11.0: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Stinktooth has about 21000 health.

Stinktooth will charge at the first player who steps within its range (the elliptical area). He then will repeatedly follow up with whirlwind with a radius of 2 for 3 times, or until the target is dead. While attacking, he will summon 4 rats, a combination of either Biter Rats or Spitter Rats, one for each corner of the circular area. These minions will attack the target, and despawn if the target is dead.


Player Opinion: This article contains advice from other players which may be subjective or incorrect. Consult this guide with caution.

  • Although level 13, Stinktooth can prove to be tough for the average level 13-16 players. It is recommended to attack in groups to decrease difficulty.
  • It's best to stay out of his range, unless there is a level 20 player there, so camp on the steps that lead into this circular area. Players should still be able hit Stinktooth with their ranged spells or a basic attack from any wand or staff, if you are an owl. If not, just charge at Stinktooth and run away.
  • Another method, if you are an owl, this will require 2 strong skeletons and 1 long-stun smite. Use smite on Stinktooth while your skeletons attack, and hide yourself behind a wall to prevent him from charging at you. Stinktooth is now forced to fight your minions because his hostility is focused on his nearest attackers. Then, keep summoning your skeletons and keep Stinktooth at bay. This method may take a while, but has a high success rate if done correctly.
  • If you manage to get Stinktooth out of his arena and below the steps, you can make his whirlwind accidentaly hit a Giant Rat. The Giant Rats will then attack Stinktooth. Try it out for yourself! (This is best if you use a ranged weapon, and are very tanky)


These drops can occur in addition to normal loot.

Item Type Quality Level Chance
Rat Claw.png Rat Claw Crafting material Common Unknown
Gambler's Card.png Godly Promise Gambler's Card Magic 1%
Gambler's Card.png Fangs of Fury Gambler's Card Magic 5%
Putrid Shank.png Putrid Shank Dagger Legendary 0.2%
Recipe.png Recipe: Rune of Whirlwind Recipe Common 3%
Muddy Runestone.png Muddy Runestone Crafting material Common 10%