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The Necromancer is an intellect and strength based class in Isleward. Necromancers start with a Scythe and two runes: Rune of Blood Barrier and Rune of Summon Skeleton. Necromancers fight by attacking monsters along with their summoned Skeletal Minions. The scythe also has a harvest life ability which heals the user for a small portion of the damage dealt. The Blood Barrier causes summoned skeleton to go on a frenzy and deal extra damage, while damaging the caster himself.


Because skeletal minions have a health proportional to the summoner's health, having a large amount of Vitality can be helpful for producing a tanky minion. In addition, some amount of health regeneration enables Necromancers to use Blood Barrier more times during a battle, allowing the same Skeletal Minion to survive and distract monsters longer. Grouping with Clerics is recommended for the Circle of Healing skill.