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Removed: This article describes removed content.

As of version v0.1.10, classes have been removed and Spirits have been added instead.


There were five unique classes in Isleward. They were removed and replaced by Spirits that players may choose when creating a character. Each class has an associated set of starting skills, and benefit from a different primary stat or combination of stats.

The five classes, from left to right: warrior, cleric, wizard, thief, and necromancer.


Classes in Isleward determine the character's appearance, and primary stat. Every class can wear all armor pieces, and equip all items. A character's class can not be changed once the character is created.

Class Primary Stat Default Costumes Unlockable Costumes Paid-Only Costumes Total Costumes
Cleric Intellect 2 1 4 7
Necromancer Strength + Intellect 1 1 1 3
Thief Dexterity 2 0 1 3
Warrior Strength 2 0 4 6
Wizard Intellect 2 1 1 4