Version 0.8.2

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Version 0.8.2[edit]

Released on October 24th, 2020. The original release notes are accessible on the GitLab repository.

Soul's Moor[edit]

  • The Pumpkin Sailor has returned to the isle once more. Pay him a visit to see what he has found on his journeys. But beware, Lord Squash has not been idle in his absence. He has burrowed deeper into the foundations of Fjolarok and hides behind evil minions who 'live' but to serve him.


  • Changing your target no longer consumes a tick under most circumstances. (#1615)
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to become unresponsive after casting multiple spells in quick succession. (#1609)

Important Notes[edit]

  • The following Cosmetic items have been reworked and they will no longer be in your accounts:
    • Skin: Pumpkin-Head Necromancer
    • Spell Effect: Summon Pumpkin Skeleton
    • Spell Effect: Ghostflame Fireblase
    • Spell Effect: Haunted Ice Spear
  • However, this is something we will address within the first week of Soul's Moor. We thank you in advance for your patience in this regard.