Version 0.5.1

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Version 0.5.1[edit]

Released on April 3rd, 2020.


  • When checking to see if a user or character name exists, case is now ignored (#1417)
  • The getItem command now allows quantity to be specified when spawning idols (#1429)


  • The movement queue speed is linked to monitor refresh rate (#1161)
  • It's possible to exploit auras to get extra mana (#1396)
  • SQLite errors cause the console to be spammed with syntax errors (#1405)
  • Despawned pets remember their locations and cause animations to appear when new pets are summoned (#1412)
  • The All Resist stat is twice as effective as intended (#1413)
  • It's possible to mail items to herbs (#1414)
  • Certain in-game object names cause the server to crash when used as character names (#1416)
  • Duplicate loot messages appear when salvaging items (#1421)
  • If you relog after blocking a player, you can see their messages again (#1422)
  • The broadcast command doesn't allow for duplicate words or numbers (#1427)
  • You can salvage recipes (#1428)


  • Upgraded all npm modules (#1425)