Version 0.5.0

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Version 0.5.0[edit]

Released on March 15th, 2020.


  • Added three new miscellaneous events: Double XP, Double Idols and Double Runes. These must be triggered manually and will take place from time to time
  • Added a new sprite for the Putrid Shank (#1402)


  • Mobs that can't path back home will now teleport (#689)
  • Mobs in the Temple of Gaekatla now have 25% less health, deal 33% less damage and have 20% less bonus item quality


  • You can now open context menus for NPCs and players by clicking on them and then clicking on their HUDs (#1355)


  • The 'invalid character check' is no longer performed on passwords (#1372)


  • Some items don't render properly in the Mail, Quickslot and Equipment UIs (#1065)
  • Fixed multiple situations in which items can be lost if your inventory is full (#1393)


  • Events can now be declared globally. That is, defined outside of a map folder and applied to all maps (#176)
  • Added a new mod event: onBeforeGetDropChances that can be used to change the chance for a rune or idol to drop (#1378)
  • Added a new mod event: onBeforeGetXpMultiplier that can be used to change the amount of XP a player will get (#1379)
  • Added a new mod event: onBeforeGetMapSize that can be used to change the total size of a map (#1415)


  • New commands: /startEvent and /stopEvent (#1377)
  • New command: /teleport that can be used to teleport to an object in your zone (#1409)