Version 0.3.2

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Version 0.3.2[edit]

Released on May 14th, 2019.


  • Before the server restarts, a warning message is displayed and all characters are automatically saved
  • Moved the game's server from London to New Jersey
  • Migrated from SQLite to RethinkDB


  • Heightened the threat ceiling (#995)
  • M'ogresh can no longer spawn as rare (#1060)
  • Different spirits now receive different amounts of HP upon level up (#1098)
  • Different spirits now start with different amounts of HP at level one (#1099)
  • Princess Morgawsa's trident now rolls with an attribute requirement (#1134)


  • Added previous and next buttons for skin selection during character creation (#594)
  • Party chat now appears as a different colour (#623)
  • Added custom error pages for display when Isleward is offline (#668)
  • Chat no longer auto-scrolls while open and scrolled up (#697)
  • You can now view fishing stats from the character UI (#824)
  • Messages relating to the fishing event now display in all zones (#853)
  • Nameplates are now on by default until toggled (#1042)
  • Casting Smokebomb or Fireblast on mobile will no longer prompt the player for a target location (#1072)
  • Quest descriptions will now only display for quests in your current zone (#1077)
  • Removed the popup message after looting items on desktop (#1084)
  • Quality now displays as a percentage on the character UI (#1105)
  • The description for Bone Idols now indicate that they reroll damage instead of rescale (#1106)
  • Added a button to close the mail UI (#1137)
  • Close UI buttons now have 'on hover' styles (#1154)


  • View is sometimes off-centre after zooming (#337)
  • Non-aggressive mobs are tagged as aggressive in their tooltips (#672)
  • Fishing nodes aren't active if teleported onto (#727)
  • Smite deals physical damage instead of holy (#732)
  • The damage on Steelclaw's Bite sometimes displays wrong until equipped (#753)
  • Pressing tab while typing a message in chat gives the browser's address bar focus (#757)
  • Quickslotted items don't work after rezoning (#965)
  • Implicit stat rolls are max value exclusive (#975)
  • Linked item names can trigger the profanity filter (#1112)
  • You can stand on the Shared Stash in the Hermit's bedroom (#1127)
  • The character creation UI doesn't work after dying with a hardcore character (#1130)
  • Comparing items with no implicit stats doesn't work (#1135)
  • Materials with custom spritesheets render incorrectly in the quickslot UI (#1140)
  • Crafted items with no description show 'undefined' in their tooltips (#1141)