Version 0.3.1

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Version 0.3.1[edit]

Released on December 12th, 2018.


  • Isleward is now playable on mobile devices. Only Chrome on Android is supported fully at the moment. For info on how to enable this, please check this wiki entry (#871)
  • It's now possible to block players in chat by typing /block playerName. Use /unblock playerName to unblock them again (#899)
  • Added a button to auto-sort your inventory (#966)


  • Attacking and taking damage will now cause gathering and fishing to be canceled (#210)
  • Threat now cascades. When you attack an aggressive mob, all other aggressive mobs within 5 tiles of that mob will also engage you (#954)


  • Added an indicator to the ability bar that indicates whether auto attack is active (#55)
  • Crit Chance and Crit Multiplier is now much easier to understand in tooltips (#845)


  • Newly created characters will no longer spawn in the location you logged out in with another character (#164)
  • Runes incorrectly listed their cooldowns in seconds instead of ticks (#745)
  • When reslotting an item, the UI will now properly maintain focus on reslot if the item has been augmented (#846)
  • Leveling up when you have passive nodes that grant vitality will no longer cause your max HP to drop (#849)
  • Clicking another player's item while inspecting shows an option to pick another item to equip (#878)
  • Runes now display properly when inspecting another player (#908)
  • Bags that contain crafting materials sometimes incorrectly seem to contain legendary items (#923)
  • You can now change tabs when inspecting another player (#933)
  • Passive tree tooltips no longer remain on screen after closing (#934)
  • Increased Physical Damage bonuses from the passive tree is now included in rune tooltip DPT (#946)
  • Players on Windows XP and Vista can now play Isleward again (#1021)
  • Faction vendors no longer display their wares' implicit stats in tooltips (#1058)
  • Fixed an issue where skins sold by faction vendors didn't indicate if they needed a specific faction reputation to buy (#1059)


  • Mods can now add maps to be preloaded on server start (#466)
  • Added a way to indicate to mods that they should only run on the main thread or a zone thread (#474)