Version 0.10.6

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Version 0.10.6[edit]

Released on February 14th, 2022. The original release notes are accessible on GitLab.


  • The Sjofni's Embrace event is live!


  • Added a message of the day feature. This also supports zone messages and timed messages
  • New command added to the housing district: /exitHousing
  • New rune: Rune of Roll
  • New rune: Rune of Healing Touch


  • Rune of Whirlwind can now drop from mobs at any level
  • Rune of Ambush can now drop from mobs at any level
  • Newly crafted Sturdy Bows are now always level 20
  • Bows now have implicit sprint chance
  • Life on hit now only applies to physical damage
  • Rune of Harvest Life healing percent is now [2, 15], down from [10, 30]
  • Rune of Consecrate cooldown is now 15, up from 5
  • Rune of Consecrate mana cost is n ow 12, up from 8
  • Rune of Crystal Spikes cooldown is now 15, down from 20
  • Rune of Crystal Spikes damage is now [3, 18], up from [3, 16]
  • Rune of Crystal Spikes is now an attack, not a spell
  • Rune of Swiftness now has an amount of [8, 20], up from [5, 10]


  • Healing text is now colored according to the healing element


  • The internal buffs and auras system has been rewritten. This means that we can start implementing better visuals, a wider variety of effects and stacking buffs. Thanks to notme for his work on this
  • The rezone code has been rewritten completely. Now, a handshake is in place to ensure that things happen in the right order. This should mitigate most instances of players being stuck in the void
  • Rewrote much of the player stash code. Increased stash space MTXs should now apply properly