Version 0.10.0

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Version 0.10.0[edit]

Released on September 5th, 2021. The original release notes are accessible on GitLab.

Player Housing[edit]

  • The Fjolgard Housing District has been added to Isleward. This map, albeit unfinished is where the first player-owned plots of land are located. These plots (and building materials) can be purchased from Vikar for Seafarer's Marks
  • Patrons (past and present) who have contributed a total of $50+ will receive plots of land without having to purchase them. Please watch your Patreon inboxes for keys you can use to redeem these
  • Seafarer's Marks can now be purchased from the storefront. Currently, only a '35 Marks' pack is available but more will be put up in the future


  • Radulos is now guaranteed to drop a Digested Crystal on death


  • Added the player count to the online list
  • Physical keyboards can now be used when playing on iPad devices


  • The 'log out' button on the Death UI now functions properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused trades where both players traded the same (stackable) item in which case, only one player would be left with said item
  • Numpad spellcasting now works properly on various localized keyboard layouts