Version 0.1.3

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Version 0.1.3[edit]

Released on May 24th, 2017.


  • Removed the first tutorial map and replaced it with a new area at the southern peninsula of the first island (#124)


  • Rewrote the renderer, improving FPS significantly (#123)


  • [shift + tab] now selects the previous target (#126)
  • Added a new component for followers (#40)


  • The player inventory is no longer automatically sorted (#130)
  • Added a new bag sprite for rare items (#144)
  • Redesigned the login screen (#158)
  • Passwords are now encrypted in the db (#47)


  • Invisible walls in the city (#127)
  • Mobs that are more than 10 levels higher or lower than the player give incorrect xp (#117)
  • Sometimes, initiating trade crashes the server (#118)
  • The Titangrip Prophecy sometimes causes players to have negative stats (#119)
  • The Invite Pending box renders over the buttons in the lower right (#116)
  • It's possible to Charge through obstacles in certain situations (#115)
  • When loading multiple mods of the same type (like class mods) causes only the last mod to be applied (#134)
  • Firefox renders some elements incorrectly (#133)
  • Non-roaming mobs never move back to their spawn points when pulled away through combat (#137)
  • Uppercase profanities are not profane (#151)
  • When logging in with a Gaekatla Faction Item in your inventory, the effect gets applied (#146)
  • Spears ignore Line of Sight (#135)
  • It's possible to purchase faction items even when your reputation isn't high enough (#147)
  • Inventory tooltips stay in compare mode when tabbing out while comparing two items (#148)
  • The Help Screen implies that you can equip items by clicking on them (#145)
  • Critters spawned by Gaekatla Faction Items never despawn (#40)


  • You can now define multiple spawn points per character level (#153)