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Mapmaking is creating maps for Isleward, most likely for use on a custom/private server.

Isleward has its own mapper but it isn't complete yet and it isn't supported by the server. Maps are currently made in Tiled, but newer versions are incompatible so a person needs to find a download of the same version that the current map.json files use.


Zonefile Tips[edit]

  • Object names must be all lowercase (for some reason, objects with capitals in their name don't get the correct properties assigned from the zonefile if the capitalization is off)

Generated Maps[edit]

Randomized maps like the Estuary can be created using Tiled. Pieces are defined with points where they can attach to other pieces.

In the rooms layer, create an area covering a piece of the map. This object can have different properties to change the piece's behavior:

Key Values Notes
start unset or 1
end unset or 1
maxOccur number
hallway unset or 1
noRotate unset or 1

Pieces can have objects and mobs in them (portals, enemies, etc).

Inside of each room object there should be more objects which are 1-wide and mark the connecting points. These have an exit property which is an array of two numbers which indicates the direction this exit attaches in. A value of [1, 0] means it's on the right side of a piece. [-1, 0] is the left side. [0, -1] is the top and [0, 1] is the bottom.


See: [1]. Full guide coming... eventually.