Rune of Harvest Life

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Harvest Life
Harvest Life.png
Mana Cost: 5
Cooldown: 10 ticks
Cast time: 3 ticks
Stats: Strength Intellect
Element: Physical

Harvest Life

Description: Absorbs the life-force of your enemies.

The damage of Harvest Life scale with the user's strength and intellect.

Harvest Life has 2 stats:

  • Damage [4 - 14]
  • HealPercent [10 - 30] : % of the damage you deal convert into hp for the user


Harvest Life is a very strong rune for bear and lynx to regen some hp

Combine this rune with a Steelclaw and good piece of gear and you have a nice hp regeneration build.

Harvest Life can be obtainable from Vikar.