Version 0.9.0

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Version 0.9.0

Released on May 15th, 2021. The original release notes are accessible on the GitLab repository.


  • Fjolgard is expanding. The townsfolk have grown weary of the limited space and their close proximity to the wilds of Fjolarok. The new city still lies to the north but affords vastly more space for expansion


  • Implemented interior portals that allow players to travel to other parts of the map without performing a physical rezone
  • Implemented a new kind of hider (mostly used for room interiors) called an interior hider. When a player enters an interior hider, no tiles outside the hider are visible. This means that small sections of the map can be used to 'house' interiors
  • Mobs with patrol routes (like the Scarlet Serpents) can now be configured to pause at certain points of their routes and also, chat
  • After death, players gain invulnerability for a short period. During this period, players will take and deal no damage
  • Added sounds to doors opening/closing
  • Added environmental sound loops
  • Added dragging/dropping item sounds for the inventory


  • Dying before level 5 no longer incurs an experience loss
  • Butchers no longer lose experience when killed by other butchers
  • Reduced the damage that butchers deal to other butchers
  • Reduced the item drop rate for Seagulls, Bunnies, Elk and Flamingos slightly
  • Reduced the chance for idols to drop from lower level mobs significantly. Any mob below level 5 will now never drop idols. The drop rate starts incrementing from level 5 and caps at level 15


  • Fixed an issue that caused mobs with CRON spawns to not respawn after they've been killed (e.g. Thumper)
  • The Sturdy Bow's attack now correctly scales with attack damage instead of spell damage. Note that this change only applies to new bows
  • Shield of Lustre's Crystal Spikes now correctly scale off of attack damage instead of spell damage
  • When attempting to complete a trade, an error message will be given if either player has insufficient space in their inventory. In the past, this would have caused lost items