Version 0.8.6

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Version 0.8.6[edit]

Released on February 16th, 2021. The original release notes are accessible on the GitLab repository.


  • Fjolarok is celebrating Sjofni, the goddess of love and mischief. Obtain Milkwort by completing quests and offer them in trade to the witch in the woods.


  • Added an option for floating damage number colors to correspond to the damage element (#1500)


  • Added a button to the Help UI to open the Terms of Service (#1708)


  • The Passive Tree is now rendered at lower level of zoom (#1701)
  • Made it easier to read the Terms of Service (#1703)
  • Chat now works properly on iOS devices (#1702)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Party UI to not be visible (#1707)


  • Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect items to be displayed in the Equipment UI after inspecting someone (#1531)
  • The game now correctly remembers your option for the Party UI display mode (#1705)