Version 0.4.4

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Version 0.4.4[edit]

Released on February 14th, 2020.


  • Fjolarok is celebrating Sjofni, the goddess of love and mischief. Obtain Milkwort by completing quests and offer them in trade to the witch in the woods


  • You can now link items from the Inventory UI (#1384)
  • Clicking on an item in the Chat UI will now show a tooltip for the item (#1385)


  • Messages that start with '/' but aren't actual commands no longer send (#456)
  • Gathering with a full inventory now displays an error message (#1275)


  • After crafting, the Crafting UI isn't updated to indicate if the player has enough materials to craft again (#1031)
  • Item required attributes are not rerolled when reslotting an item (#1180)
  • It's possible to block yourself (#1184)
  • Players can still see blocked users' /rolls (#1260)
  • The 'stick' that's sold by the Hermit displays with a black border when you have quality borders turned on (#1390)
  • On certain configurations, Isleward does not work in Linux + Firefox (#1391)


  • Mods can now change the logo displayed on the Login, Character Selection and Character Creation UIs (#310)
  • Added an event that fires before passives are changed (#1362)
  • Added three new events that fire when players get and lose items (#1389)