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Version 0.1.11[edit]

Released on April 19th, 2018.


  • Added a 'Report Bug' button to the options menu (#324)
  • New moderator commands: Mute and Unmute player (#478)
  • Players that are not max level now lose XP upon death (#520)
  • Mobs and objects can now spawn at specific times using CRON strings in the zone file (#646)
  • Added functionality to allow for loot-once-per-day mobs (#647)
  • Mobs and objects can now be destroyed after a certain period by defining a lifetime in the zone file (#655)


  • Rare and Boss mobs now grant much more experience (#338)
  • You can now only collect the daily login reward once per account (#356)
  • It should no longer be possible to receive a quest to kill multiple Crazed Seagulls (#511)
  • Changed the quest complete conditions for certain quests (#522)
  • Steelclaw's Bite now deals poison damage to the wielder which can be mitigated (#604)
  • Reworked the Akarei faction effect (#605)
  • Quests now grant considerably more XP (#607)


  • It is now possible to right-click on the login screen (#307)
  • Zone names are now displayed on the quest panel (#422)
  • Made it more obvious how to change the size of a split stack (#434)
  • You can now enter a number when splitting a stack (#435)
  • Buffs and debuffs no longer render over party members (#436)
  • The mob tooltip no longer renders over the party invitation window (#436)
  • Item tooltips now distinguish between base and augmented stats (#464)
  • It is now possible to send the < and > characters in chat messages (#548)
  • Rusted Keys are now stackable (#552)
  • Optimized the server-side code that handles sending the leaderboard to players (#566)
  • Recolored the Magic and Rare Essences (#613)
  • When comparing weapons, damage is now also taken into account (#614)


  • It's possible to attack enemies through doors (#287)
  • The online list sometimes shows characters that aren't online (#318)
  • When you have multiple Innervation Auras and remove one, your HP Regen becomes negative (#437)
  • The gear compare feature doesn't work correctly when comparing combinations of One-Handed, Two-Handed and Off-Hand items (#512)
  • When a mob is killed by another mob, it drops loot (#567)
  • There are missing files that are needed to run the server (#596)
  • The onBeforeGetClasses event was never updated to use Spirits (#609)
  • Steelclaw's Bite deals overkill damage to the wielder (#600)
  • Rare mobs in the Estuary have less HP, deal less damage and drop fewer items than regular mobs (#625)
  • Sometimes the Sheets module crashes (#626)
  • The player level in the HUD isn't always updated after leveling up (#636)


  • New event: onBeforeSendMessage (#475)
  • New event: onBeforeGetComponents (#569)
  • The default zone is now configurable (#638)