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Public Test Realm[edit]

Note: The PTR is not always online. It is frequently online for short periods of time to playtest new features before release.

The Public Test Realm (PTR) at runs an in-development version of Isleward for testing. It hosts new features and content before going live on the main server. Should you encounter any bugs, please report them to the PTR issue on GitLab. The PTR server is not linked to the live server, and your progress on the PTR server does not carry to the live server.

Sometimes, players are given access to certain commands to easier test the new content.

The loadBuild command gives the player a full set of equipment and sets their spirit, passives, and level.

/loadBuild level=20 spirit=bear build=tank tier=mid

/loadBuild level=20 spirit=bear build=dps tier=mid

/loadBuild level=20 spirit=owl build=healer tier=mid

/loadBuild level=20 spirit=owl build=dps tier=mid

/loadBuild level=20 spirit=lynx build=dps tier=mid

/loadBuild level=20 spirit=lynx build=ranged tier=mid


It was used to test Nyxaliss and the new items from Nyx on May, 2, 2023.