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Version 0.3.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Fjolgard is a town located at northern part of Fjolarok.


The city of Fjolgard has a faction in-game with the same name, Fjolgard. The description is The City of Fjolgard. It currently has no relations, special stats or rewards.

Players can earn reputation with Fjolgard by killing Fjolgard Sewers and Bandit Hideout monsters.

Places of Interest


  • Fjolgard Sewers: The sewer is located in the southern portion of the city, and contains level 11-14 monsters.


  • Fjolgard Temple: The Priest of Gaekatla is located in the temple, north of the entrance to Fjolgard. Gaekatla-related equipment that has a chance of summoning critters to help in battle can be purchased here for high prices, as well as the Gaekatlian Druid skin. All equipment requires Honored status with Gaekatla or better.
  • Estrid's Shop of Potions: The alchemist Estrid works here. You can also find an Alchemy Workbench in the shop.
  • Luta's House of Grab: The house of Luta and contains the Wardrobe where players can change skins. It is located at the center of Fjolgard.
  • Vikar's House: The house of Vikar who trades items for cards. It also features the Shared Stash where characters may store and exchange items.
  • Asvald's House : The house of Asvald where you can find the Etching Station.


  • Beach: Located in the western portion of the city, south of the Inn, the beach is populated by Mud Crabs.


  • Before, players lose reputation when killing Royal Guards, Princesses, and other citizens of Fjolgard.