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Version 0.3.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Estuary Entrance.png
Estuary Banner

The Estuary is a dungeon located in the northeast corner of Fjolarok, past a hill inhabited by Eagles.

The Estuary contains monsters from level 15 to level 20. However, they have abundant amount of HP and automatically attack players on sight. Thus, it is advisable to form a party with other players before entering the dungeon.

The boss of the dungeon is M'ogresh at level 20, commonly called Mog by players, which it can be found at the deep end of the dungeon.

The Estuary's map is randomly generated every server restart. The Estuary has two exits, the entrance where you enter originally from, and one near the M'ogresh, although the latter sometimes may not spawn. Behind the scenes, the Estuary is a bunch of pieces of a dungeon that are randomly joined together in a way that makes sense and is possible to beat.

List of monsters


  • Prior to v0.2.1, each player entering Estuary would place them in their own dungeon map, unless they are in a party.
  • Prior to v0.1.10, monsters' stats in Estuary dynamically scales on the player's level.