Version 0.9.1

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Version 0.9.1[edit]

Released on June 12th, 2021. The original release notes are accessible on the GitLab repository.


  • The Festival of the Sun is back! Delve deep into the Pyramid of the Sun and earn exclusive items and skins
  • Vikar in Fjolgard Visitor's Center now sells cosmetic items for Seafarer's Marks


  • Players can now link their Patreon accounts through the in-game main menu. Linking a Patreon account gives players a chat style if they are supporting Big Bad Waffle and Seafarer's Marks for each month of patronage
  • The item tooltip generator has been rewritten. While this does not have a huge effect on how tooltips look, this does mean we can enhance these in the future


  • Fixed some instances of UI elements using colours not in the Isleward palette