Version 0.8.1

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Version 0.8.1[edit]

Released on October 20th, 2020.


  • Added an option to change the Party UI to a 'Full', 'Compact' or 'Minimal' view


  • The Estuary will now regenerate every hour
  • Candy Corn from the Soul's Moor event can no longer be mailed
  • Removed the ability for items with faction requirements to be reslotted
  • There will now be more Ancient Carp pools active at a time during the Fishing Tournament and said pools will respawn faster
  • Weapons with the level reduction stat will now roll their damage using the original level instead of the lowered one
  • Mobs under level 4 will no longer spawn with the Life on Hit stat on their items
  • Lowered the cooldown of mounts from 171 to 86
  • The Reflect Damage item effect will no longer cause side-effects like Life on Hit to be applied


  • Redesigned the Party UI to use less screen real-estate
  • While typing a message in chat, the chat box will now auto-scroll if you are already at max scroll position
  • Cosmetic items purchased from faction vendors will no longer retain the faction requirement needed to purchase them
  • The world should now always render the same size regardless of your monitor's DPI
  • Removed Titangrip from the Leaderboard UI filters
  • Initiating any form of gathering will now dismount you while mounted and mounting while gathering is no longer possible
  • You can now dismount even while a mount is on cooldown
  • Dismounting no longer triggers a cooldown on the mount
  • Renamed the Microtransaction Stash to the Cosmetic Stash
  • Added some help text in the Cosmetic Stash UI on how to apply cosmetic effects


  • The item context menu can now be opened for items on iOS devices
  • The options menu will now properly fit on the screen


  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to catch an Ancient Carp with the Sash of Souls ability during the Fishing Tournament
  • Fixed a bug that was causing health bars to sometimes appear in the wrong place
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to dismount during combat
  • Fixed a bug that caused mounts' cooldowns to become zero under certain circumstances
  • Dropping a mount while mounted will now properly dismount you
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain runes' rolls to be lowered after the rune is equipped
  • Moving out of range after attacking the Target Dummy will now reset aggro properly and allow you to mount
  • Fixed a bug that was causing summoned minions from using the wrong spawn, attack and death animations under certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Fishing Tournament rewards to sometimes not be awarded
  • Fixed a bug that was causing custom channels to be duplicated after rezoning