Version 0.8.0

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Version 0.8.0[edit]

Released on September 12th, 2020.


  • Rebuilt the chat UI to make it easier to chat in different channels (#1482)
  • It is now possible to regenerate random maps during runtime (#1495)


  • Music files are now loaded using WebAudio which uses way less memory as the old method was causing some mobile devices to crash (#1487)


  • You can now use quickslotted items (#1471)
  • Info messages are now shown as announcements (#1488)
  • Added support for iPadOS 13 Safari (#1491)
  • Added a new interact icon (#1494)


  • Rarely, random maps will generate without end/boss rooms (#1485)
  • When entering high level zones, other quests are sometimes reset (#1496)
  • Item context menus will no longer be rendered if there are no options (#1509)
  • The killMob event phase only works once (#1512)
  • Objects with multiple projectile components only spawn a single explosion component (#1516)
  • Generated items are no longer allowed to be spells or currency items if a type is specified in the blueprint (#1520)
  • Hidden sprites are sometimes visible when they shouldn't be (#1542)
  • Non-selectable targets are still auto-attacked if the attack was initiated before the target became non-selectable (#1543)
  • Projectiles that have targets with sprite offsets ignore the sprite offset (#1545)
  • Tiles that exist in two different hiders aren't visible when you are outside both hiders but one of them has been discovered (#1549)
  • Duration events aren't being stopped when they should (#1551)
  • If a closed door is destroyed, the tile remains blocked (#1553)
  • There are situations in which synced modifications to objects are lost (#1554)
  • When region objects spawn in rotated rooms, it's possible for them to overlap the map boundaries (#1556)
  • Duration events don't allow for commas in their cron strings (#1560)


  • Removed fishing event hardcoding from giveRewards and getCloseEvents (#763)
  • New modding event: onBeforeGetCommandRoles that allows new social commands to be added (#1486)
  • Mods can now define new textures that should be added to the texture atlas through the onBeforeGetClientConfig event (#1492)
  • Textures added through mods can specify custom tile opacities through the onBeforeGetClientConfig event (#1493)
  • Override maps defined in mods can now use different spritesheets for their tiles than defined in the base map through the onBeforeGetCellInfo event (#1497)
  • Mods can now define custom renderers for the login background with the onBeforeGetClientConfig event (#1498)
  • New modding event: onBeforeCreateBag which allows mods to change how dropped bags look and where they spawn (#1499)
  • New modding event: afterCastSpell (#1505)
  • The onBeforeCalculateDamage event now includes the actual spell as a property (#1506)
  • New modding event: beforeAddSpellEffect that allows particles added through certain spells like Charge to be modified (#1508)
  • Vendor items can now have specific positions (rather than all clumped together at the top) (#1510)
  • The spawnMob and spawnObject event phase can now be provided with a function that will generate a position for the mob/object (#1513 & #1547)
  • The spawnMob event phase can now be provided with a percentage of hp at which the mob should spawn (#1514)
  • Components added to objects through eventChain phases are no longer synced to the client if the components have no simplify methods (#1518)
  • Item blueprints can now specify attribute requirements (#1540)
  • It is now possible to modify the particles spawned by smokebomb through the beforeSpawnParticles event (#1541)
  • Portals can now send you to positions relative to their own positions (#1552)
  • The projectile spell now allows the projectile's spritesheet to be modified (#1555)
  • The Warnblast spell now allows the attackAnimations to be modified (#1558)


  • The Estuary has been moved to a custom mod (#1483)
  • Moved viewDistance to consts for easier editing (#1484)
  • The Key to the world item is no longer salvageable (#1504)
  • Particle speed and lifetime is now hardcoded in the explosion component so that explosion particles are always fast and short-lived (#1507)
  • Folders can now be placed inside event folders (for storing helper files used by events) (#1511)
  • The camera can now be made static through the dev console (#1515)
  • Microtransaction items have been removed from the codebase and added to a private mod (#1517)
  • Spells can now define destroy handlers to be called when the owner object is destroyed (#1550)