Version 0.6.0

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Version 0.6.0[edit]

Released on April 11th, 2020.


  • Mounts: Visit Alrik in Fjolgard to purchase a mount of your own
  • Added a brand new, hidden crafting recipe


  • Rebuilt the Crab Ruins in Fjolarok


  • Changed to sprintChance now cause the pather to adapt its path rate and the renderer to adapt its camera speed (#1432)
  • Enchanting now uses a new workbench located near Vikar (#1440)
  • Reward Cards now use a new workbench/NPC in the sewers (#1446)
  • Rebuilt the rune quality and rolls algorithms. Any level rune can now be any quality (#1447)


  • Using an item now interrupts casting (#1437)
  • Mobs can no longer deal critical strikes (#1454)


  • You can now utilise the Trading UI on mobile devices (#1407)


  • Rarely, drops will have red particles (#291)
  • When you un-equip a quickslot item from the equipment UI, the item changes position in your inventory (#1438)
  • If an object's sprite changes during an animation, it will revert back to the previous sprite (#1450)


  • Mods can now instruct the client renderer to load new textures (#1431)
  • Added an event that fires before your skin is changed in the wardrobe (#1439)


  • Gathering now uses the Server Actions feature, like the Stash and Doors (#792)
  • Removed client/images/charas.png as is it was no longer being used (#1090)
  • Refactored how the server sends certain messages to the client (#1430)
  • It's not possible to set the maxChaseDistance for mobs in the zone file (#1448)