Version 0.3.0

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Version 0.3.0[edit]

Released on October 6th, 2018.


  • Added a loading screen and reduced the size of the initial download (#111)
  • You can now inspect other players by right-clicking their sprites (#149)
  • Runes can now have cast times. Rebalanced lots of spells slightly to cater for this (#483)
  • Added a new room template to the Estuary (#555)
  • Added an in-game clock that shows the server time (#653)
  • New chat command: /roll (#690)


  • Rewrote the threat formula. Threat now has a ceiling and deteriorates over time (#489)
  • Rebalanced all weapons (#597)
  • Flurry now only applies to basic attacks and spells (#603)
  • Added a buyback menu option to Vikar (#715)
  • Potions now have cooldowns (#795)
  • Cast and attack speed can no longer cause runes to not incur cooldowns. Instead they cause spells and attacks to cast faster (#859)
  • Being slowed no longer causes spells and attacks to fail. Instead they cause spells and attacks to cast slower (#859)
  • Items below level 6 no longer have attribute requirements (#860)


  • Polished Estuary templates slightly (#555)
  • Restyled the Stash (#624)
  • Pressing 'esc' causes the movement queue to be cleared when you use it to close a UI (#628)
  • Gather quests sometimes reward 0xp (#698)
  • Players and mobs can't deal damage while slowed even when the spell actually triggers (#700)
  • Loot 1x quests are not always completing when they should (#702)
  • Custom channel names now have a maximum length (#713)
  • The quickslot UI now shows a tooltip when hovering over the item (#798)
  • You can now right-click items in your inventory to quickslot them (#800)


  • Player loot is unallocated when relogging (#2)
  • You can unequip an item while having a full inventory (#68)
  • The crafting menu retains the last crafted item after closing (#728)
  • Rusted Keys are not acquired if your inventory is full (#750)
  • It's possible for a party member to give you multiple copies of the same aura (#756)
  • When purchasing an item with a full inventory, you lose your gold and don't get the item (#799)
  • The 'invite to party' UI renders over the lower-right menu (#803)
  • You can see chatter messages under fog areas (#813)
  • Custom channels are not persisted upon relog (#820)
  • It's possible to split a stack of items while having a full inventory (#855)
  • The available amount of materials doesn't update after crafting (#857)


  • The server now minifies and compresses files sent to the client (#839 and #840)
  • Server security fixes (#868)