Version 0.1.5

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Version 0.1.5[edit]

Released on August 22nd, 2017.


  • New event: Fishing Tournament that takes place every two hours, for 10 minutes for testing. In the future this will be much less frequent. (#26)



  • Pressing enter in the chat box when no message has been entered now closes the chat box. (#196)
  • Destroying, salvaging or dropping items no longer causes items to be shifted in the inventory. (#175)
  • Make item linking work on Mac with the Cmd button (#227)
  • Update the tutorial text to give information on Necromancers (#225)
  • Update the help panel to give information on Necromancers (#202)



  • In the Leaderboard UI, using the mine button causes filtering to cease working. (#208)
  • Fireblast particles don't vanish if they complete offscreen. (#207)
  • The server crashes if a hardcore + butcher player is killed by another player. (#204)
  • Items that have single quotes in their name get more quotes every time you relog (#237)
  • The wiki link should point to the new wiki (#218)