Version 0.1.4

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Version 0.1.4[edit]

Released on July 2nd, 2017.



  • Particles are now only spawned and rendered if they're onscreen (#186)



  • The sprites file is now generated dynamically (#174)
  • Changed the page title from 'dev' to 'Isleward' (#166)
  • Protected most server-side methods from being called from the client (#178)
  • Rewrote the item name generator (#179)


  • Multiple primary abilities when equipping a new weapon after rezone (#200)
  • When selecting enemies with the tab key, movement pauses if no target is found (#129)
  • When quitting to the character select screen, not all map tiles are cleared (#168)
  • Player objects don't save if they have an item in their inventory with a single quote in the name (#183)
  • The item context menu stays open after the inventory closes (#163)
  • The server crashes when your faction tier changes after unequipping an item (#128)
  • Zone with no players in them never destroy and never deallocate destroyed objects (#184)