Version 0.1.2

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Version 0.1.2[edit]

Released on March 11th, 2017.


  • You can now link items in chat with Ctrl + Click (#25)


  • Blacklisted a bunch of words for use in character names (#46)
  • The equipment panel now shows icons for slots in which you have nothing equipped (#56)
  • Added info on the help screen on how to cancel movement (#81)
  • The buy, sell and buyback UIs now render item grids (#88)
  • The red ability cooldown overlay now renders under the ability hotkey indicator (#73)


  • A player will no longer be assigned a quest that is too high level (#83)
  • The difference in level between the player and target is now taken into account when calculating xp (#96)


  • Fixed a server crash that sometimes occurred when talking to an NPC (#66)
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to reach exalted reputation with a faction (#69)
  • Fixed a UI bug where it was possible for a player to appear twice in your list of party members (#93)
  • It's no longer possible to salvage zero materials from an item (#63)
  • Fixed an issue where the quantity would be displayed incorrectly in the messages UI when looting quest items (#57)
  • Fixed an issue where Gaekatla items always spawned a critter (instead of x% of the times) (#54)
  • Fixed an issue where items would vanish when dropping them inside notice areas (#8)
  • Fireblast and Charge no longer ignores colliders (#10)
  • The messages UI can now properly be scrolled (#11)
  • Fixed a client issue that caused mob chat text to not vanish when the mob dies (#64)
  • Fixed an issue where stashing a stack of items would cause the quantity to be reduced to one (#74)
  • When augmenting an item, the UI will now show the correctly translated stat name (#76)
  • Switching gear will now properly update spell damage tooltips (#80)
  • It's no longer possible to increase how much of the world you can see by zooming the browser (#86)
  • When targeting a mob in an instanced area and another player enters, the targeted mob's HP will now update properly (#90)
  • Fixed an issue where casting Healing Circle on a collider would consume your mana but not cast the spell (#99)
  • Fixed a client error that occurred when dismissing a party invite (#108)


  • Dialogues can now trigger two new kinds of events: 'teleport' and 'getItem' which can send the player to another zone or give him an item (#101)