Version 0.1.10

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Version 0.1.10[edit]

Released on March 24th, 2018.


  • Extended the Sewers slightly (#421)
  • Vikar now sells basic versions of most runes (#526)


  • Players are now Level Downscaling|down-scaled if their level is too high for a zone (#380)
  • The client now remembers your showNameplates preference (#450)


  • Experience and Equipment|loot now diminish if you farm the same area for too long (#97)
  • The set of possible stats per item should be influenced by the item's level (#107)
  • Party members no longer get drops from kills they didn't participate in (#496)
  • Physical resistance is no longer a stat that can show up on gear (#497)
  • Armor no longer mitigates elemental damage (#498)
  • Rebalanced everything (#499)
  • Characters now gain main stat upon level up (#500)
  • Kiting a mob too far away now causes it to run back (#501)
  • Changed all weapon abilities into rune abilities and added generic abilities to weapons (#505)
  • Changed augment costs, removed the ability to scour from the augmenting UI and added a scour idol (#523)
  • Mobs that are closer to your level now have a higher chance to drop idols (#524)
  • Runes awarded by Runecrafter's Toil cards can now be higher level (#530)
  • It's no longer possible to attack the Akarei as they have enough problems of their own


  • Disabled friendly tab targeting (#197)
  • Idol|Totems are now called idols (#503)
  • Classes are now called Spirits. Also removed the Cleric and Necromancer classes, but not their runes. (#532)
  • Players no longer have different chat message colors based on their level (#534)


  • Sometimes, login/fishing rewards are received more than once (#243)
  • Summoned skeletons now deal the correct amount of damage as implied by the rune (#263)
  • Sometimes, the events module causes a stack overflow (#507)
  • The Other Heirloom item always has 500 armor on it (#517)
  • Other players aren't aware that your maxHp changes upon level up (#519)
  • Certain idols cause the stash to not save when deposited (#528)
  • There's a typo in the Smoldering Idol's description (#550)
  • When changing to/from fullscreen, there's a slight delay (#560)
  • The server's CPU usage spikes when multiple people are in the sewer (#563)