Biter Rats

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Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Biter Rat[edit]

Biter Rat
Biter Rat
Level: 13
Health: 9840
Attack: Melee
Mana: /
Armor: /
Drops: Godly Promise
Location: Fjolgard Sewers

Biter Rats are one of the two types of minions that Stinktooth can summon. They can be found in the Fjolgard Sewers. More specifically, they may spawn in any of the four corners of Stinktooth's area. Although they can be defeated, they do not give reputation with Fjolgard. Once the target dies, the biter rats will despawn.

Attack Patterns[edit]

Like any common Rat, biter rats will chase the target and use melee attacks. They automatically attack any 1 player or minion, unless attacked by another or are killed.