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Version 0.3.2: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Waist-Slot Items

Waist-slot items are a type of equipment that can be obtained by killing monsters. They can be augmented with and salvaged into Crafting Materials depending on the material type. Waist-slot items are one of the types of equipment that may be required to finish a Purveyor of Artifacts quest.


Waist-slot items never have an armor stat (Except the Belt). For rare or higher quality items, waist-slot items can have a prefix of Sheath and a suffix of Brace, Cirque, Clasp, Sheath, Strap, or Truss in addition to the list of generic prefixes and suffixes.

List of Waist-Slot Type Items

Name Image Implicite statM aterial
Belt Belt.png armor [10 - 20] Iron
Sash Sash.png Maximum Mana [1 - 8] Cloth
Leather Belt Leather Belt.png Global Crit Chance [10 - 50] Leather
Scaled Binding Scaled Binding.png Vitality [2 - 6] Leather