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The Pumpkin Sailor

The Pumpkin Sailor[edit]

The Pumpkin Sailor is a faction with the name The Pumpkin Sailor, and is part of the Soul's Moor event. The faction's description is The pumpkin sailor scours the seas in search of lost souls that were doomed to roam the open waters alone.


The Pumpkin Sailor can be found south of the crab ruins on Fjolarok and sells different exclusive items during the Soul's Moor event. A list of obtainable items can be found here.


Also known as the Sailor of Souls, the Pumpkin Sailor searches for human souls claimed by the sea and stores them in jars. The Pumpkin Sailor brings the souls ashore so that they are free to find their final resting places. The souls find their way back to the pumpkins, carved with family runes, placed by their families. However, Lord Squash lures and traps souls using forged runes.