Soul's Moor

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Version 0.3.1: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Soul's Moor Event

Soul's Moor is the Halloween seasonal event that took place during October on the island of Fjolarok.



Candy Corn can be gathered from pumpkins that spawn on Fjolarok. There are three sizes of pumpkins: tiny, normal, and giant. When gathering candy from a pumpkin, there is a 15% chance for a Soul Nibbler to spawn. Soul Nibblers drop extra candy or the event exclusive Summon Pumpkin Skeleton MTX on death.

Tiny Normal Giant
TinyPumpkin-isleward.png Pumpkin.png Giant Pumpkin.png
1 Candy Corn 1-4 Candy Corn(s) 1-6 Candy Corn(s)

Obtainable Items


Signet of Witching Banshee's Will Black Cat's Grace Dead Man's Band Sash of souls
SoulRing.png SoulRing.png SoulRing.png SoulRing.png SashofSouls.png
8 to all attributes
12 intellect
5 mana regeneration
8 to all attributes
6 strength
6 intellect
12 healt regeneration
8 to all attributes
12 dexterity
2.75% global crit chance
8 to all attributes
12 strength
300 armor
8 mana regeneration
Reduce by 20% the mana reserverd
by the Rune of Tranquility