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= Salvaging =
= Salvaging =

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Version 0.3.2: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Salvaging turns Equipments into Crafting Materials which may be used for Augmentation.

To salvage, right click on an item in the inventory and click Salvage.

The highest the quality of the item, the more Crafting Materials you can get.

The resulting material is determined by the slot and type of the item:

Item Material
Weapon Slot Iron Bar
Neck Slot Iron Bar
Trinket Slot Essence
Finger Slot Iron Bar
Tools(fishing rod Slot Cerulean Pearls

For other items, the material of the armor determines the result of salvaging:

Item Subgroup Material
Plate Iron Bar
Cloth Cloth Scraps
Leather Leather Scraps
Scale Leather Scraps