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Version 0.1.8: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.


Isleward is a multiplayer roguelike currently in development by Big Bad Waffle. The game is based around forming a party and exploring different islands, spelunking and completing dungeons in search of treasure. Strengthening your character through looting better equipment and leveling up is also an integral part of the process!

The game is currently in version 0.19. The game is open-source, and the code and other assets can be found on the Gitlab. Thus, players can help spot bugs or even write mods to improve the game.

Version History

See the Game Updates page for more details.

Version Number Release Date Notes
0.1.9 December 28, 2017 Added shield
Extra Rune Slot
3 New Runes
1 New Crafting Totem
0.1.8 December 9, 2017 Merrywinter event
Bug fixes and other enhancements
0.1.7 October 22, 2017 Halloween event
Easier low-level monsters
Added mail
Added custom chat channels
Bug fixes and other enhancements
0.1.6 August 30, 2017 Fishing related balance changes
Necromancer-related balance changes
Bug fixes and other enhancements
0.1.5 August 22, 2017 Added Fishing Competition
0.1.4 July 2, 2017 Added Crystal Caves
Better performance
Other enhancements
Bug fixes and other enhancements
0.1.3 May 23, 2017 Replaced tutorial with southern peninsula of Fjolarok
Improved FPS
Bug fixes and other enhancements
0.1.2 March 11, 2017 Link items in chat
Balanced experience points
Bug fixes and other enhancements
0.1.1 February 22, 2017 Balance changes
Bug fixes

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