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Fjolgard Sewers[edit]

Fjolgard Sewers Banner
Sewer Map

The Fjolgard Sewers is a static dungeon located within the city of Fjolgard. The entrance to the dungeon can be found in the south-western portion of the city, next to the Mud Crabs.

The sewer is inhabited by rats, along with the boss Stinktooth in the circular area and a good source of Godly Promise.

This is the best place to level up at level 10-16.

Secret Room (Bandit Hideout)[edit]

There is a locked door to a secret room in the north-west corner. To enter, you must obtain a Rusted Key which is sometimes dropped by monsters in the sewer. The key disintegrates when used to unlock the door. Inside the room, you will find a group of Bandits, the Whiskers and Bera the Blade. All hostiles in the room will automatically attack players on sight.

Note: The door also requires a key to open from inside. Make sure you have a spare key to open the door, or kill Bera the Blade who is higher chance to drop a key.

List of Monsters[edit]


  • The sewer used to be level capped at level 13.