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! [https://polfy.github.io/isleward-wiki-map/Zone/Fjolarok/ Fjolarok Map]
! [https://polfy.github.io/isleward_map/#Fjolarok Fjolarok Map]

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Fjolarok is to the first island and currently the only island in Isleward.

Fjolarok Map


  • Fjolgard Sewers
  • Crystal Caves: Home to the crystal snails and the boss Radulos. Member of The Akarei are also spotted in the cave. It is located in the Northwest corner of the island.
  • Estuary: Contains a variety of aggressive monsters with the boss M'ogresh hiding deep inside the dunegon. The entrance can be found at the East part of the island.
  • Temple


  • Hermit's Shack: Shack where the Hermit lives, along with his livestock. It is located at the center of the island.
  • Fjolgard: The city is located in the North portion of the island. Various NPCs also live inside the city.


  • This island is currently referred to internally as the Tutorial Island and was going to be called Midgard, but is now Fjolarok.