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Version 0.3.2: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Finger-Slot Items

Finger-slot items are a type of equipment that can be obtained by killing monsters. They can be augmented with and salvaged into Iron Bars. Finger-slot items are one of the types of equipment that may be required to finish a Purveyor of Artifacts quest.


Finger-slot items never have an armor stat (exept for the Signet) but can have but can have Arcane increase, Fire increase, Frost increase, Holy increase, Poison increase, Physical increase, Spell Increase, All Attributes, Cast Speed or Attack Speed stats. For rare or higher quality items, finger-slot items can have a suffix of Ring, Loop, Circle, and Twist in addition to the list of generic prefixes and suffixes.

List of Finger-Slot Type Items

Name Image Implicite Stat Material
Signet Signet.png Armor [5 - 15] Plate
Ring Ring.png Mana Regeneration [1 - 5] Plate
Loop Loop.png All Attributes [1 - 7] Plate
Viridian Band Viridian Band.png Increase Physical Damage [1 - 3] Plate