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Version 0.3.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is my screen flashing blue and red when I move?

Try the following troubleshooting steps:

Enable WebGL

Enable Hardware Acceleration

Another resource

If none of these work, try joining the Discord for more detailed support.

Try these steps:

Q2: Where, how can I open the Shared Stash and how to use it?

You can find the Shared Stash near the Hermit or at Vikar's house.

Press U to access the shared stash once you are right next to it.

Right click the item you want to store and then click stash.

Q3: How can I link items into the chat?

Control+click an item in your inventory (command for Mac users).

Q4: How can I open Cards Packs?

Go meet Vikar with a full set size of card who is in the north settlement.

Q5: How can I fish?

Information can be found here.

Q6: How do I do more damage?

If you are an owl using a Wand or Gnarled staff you buff damage with Intellect. If you are a bear using a Sword or Axe you buff damage with Strength. If you are a lynx using a Dagger or Spear you buff damage with Dexterity.

Q7: How do I do more Rune Damage?

Information can be found here.

Q8: What does the "level requirement reduction" stat

That reduce the level you need to have to equip this gear.

If a gear is level 10 and has 3 level requirement reduction, that mean the real gear level is 13.

Q9: How can I find more rare mobs ?

Rare (or etite) monster commonly has 2% chance of spawn instead of a monsters.

Q10: How to find items with higher quality

There are two stats that boost loot chances, item quality (previously known as magic find) and item quantity. As their name suggests one boosts the chance of finding items while the other one improves the quality.

While looking for high-quality items, it is suggested to max out item quality and item quantity.

Some bosses also have a guaranteed chance of dropping a certain quality item. For example, Radulos always drops 5 magic items at least. M'ogresh always guarantees two magic items. Rare mobs also guarantee 1 magic item too.

Q11: How can I check my Prophecies

Information can be found here.

Here is a gif that show you how to know your current Prophecies : here

Q12: How can I help Isleward

Information can be found here.

Q13: What is and how to get Discord role?

  • Bases roles

Admiral* : Our master guys : Waf and Vildravn

Captain* : What a cool color ! Isn't it ?

Quartermaster* : Gived to $10+ Patron and Moderator

Cannoneer* : Gived to $1+ Patron / Player who directly donate to Waf or on itch.io

Deackhand* : Players who prove he deserve to be more honored

Stormaway* : Players who prove he deserve to be honored

  • Specials roles

Community Manager* : Right hand of Waf for community communication

Moderator* : Truly trusted chosen player to moderate Dicord / in-game chat

  • Moderators always have the last word in case of conflict

Patron : Owned by telling Big Bad Waffle#6920 on discord you pledge on Patreon

Max level : Owned by telling Big Bad Waffle#6920 on discord you have at least 1 level 20 char

Streamsquad : Ask Big Bad Waffle#6920 to get this role and you'll get ping when the he starts a dev live.

* : Don't ask for these roles, they are only given for your activity, kindness, ability to be a good person, help brought to the community (answering questions, producing arts, helping the wiki/game dev, ..) and personals moderators/admins appreciations.