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{{Version 0.3.3}}
{{Version 0.3.3}}
= '''Frequently Asked Questions''' =
<div style="float:right; margin-left:10px;"> __TOC__ </div>
<div style="float:right; margin-left:10px;"> __TOC__ </div>
= Frequently Asked Questions =
==  '''Q1: Why is my screen flashing blue and red when I move?'''  ==
==  '''Q1: Why is my screen flashing blue and red when I move?'''  ==

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Version 0.3.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is my screen flashing blue and red when I move?

Try the following troubleshooting steps:

Enable WebGL

Enable Hardware Acceleration

Another resource

If none of these work, try joining the Discord for more detailed support.

Try these steps:

Q2: Where, how can I open the Shared Stash and how to use it?

You can find the Shared Stash near the Hermit or at Vikar's house.

Press U to access the shared stash once you are right next to it.

Right click the item you want to store and then click stash.

Q3: How can I link items into the chat?

Control+click an item in your inventory (command for Mac users).

Q4: How can I open Cards Packs?

Go meet Vikar with a full set size of card who is in the north settlement.

Q5: How can I fish?

Information can be found here.

Q6: How do I do more damage?

If you are an owl using a Wand or Gnarled staff you buff damage with Intellect. If you are a bear using a Sword or Axe you buff damage with Strength. If you are a lynx using a Dagger or Spear you buff damage with Dexterity.

Q7: How do I do more Rune Damage?

Information can be found here.

Q8: What does the "level requirement reduction" stat

That reduce the level you need to have to equip this gear.

If a gear is level 10 and has 3 level requirement reduction, that mean the real gear level is 13.

Q9: How can I check my Prophecies

Information can be found Prophecy.

Here is a gif that show you how to know your current Prophecies : here

Q10: What is and how to get Discord role?

  • Bases roles

Admiral* : Our master guys : Waf and Vildravn

Captain* : What a cool color ! Isn't it ?

Quartermaster* : Gived to $10+ Patron and Moderator

Cannoneer* : Gived to $1+ Patron / Player who directly donate to Waf or on itch.io

Deackhand* : Players who prove he deserve to be more honored

Stormaway* : Players who prove he deserve to be honored

  • Specials roles

Community Manager* : Right hand of Waf for community communication

Moderator* : Truly trusted chosen player to moderate Dicord / in-game chat

  • Moderators always have the last word in case of conflict

Patron : Owned by telling Big Bad Waffle#6920 on discord you pledge on Patreon

Max level : Owned by telling Big Bad Waffle#6920 on discord you have at least 1 level 20 char

Streamsquad : Ask Big Bad Waffle#6920 to get this role and you'll get ping when the he starts a dev live.

* : Don't ask for these roles, they are only given for your activity, kindness, ability to be a good person, help brought to the community (answering questions, producing arts, helping the wiki/game dev, ..) and personals moderators/admins appreciations.