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Version 0.3.2: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.



Cooking is a profession in Isleward to produce Consumables such as Carp on a Stick. You can cook food by fishing for Sun Carp and purchasing a Skewering Stick from Hermit, access the Fireplace at Hermit's Shack by pressing U, select the recipe to cook and press Craft.


Name HP Healed Ingredients
1x Carp on a Stick 50 1x Sun Carp 1x Skewering Stick
2x Big Carp on a Stick 50 1x Big Sun Carp
1x Giant Carp on a Stick 150 1x Giant Sun Carp
2x Trophy Carp on a Stick 150 1x Trophy Sun Carp
[3-5]x Fabled Carp on a Stick 200 1x Fabled Sun Carp


  • Cooking was added in v0.2.1.