What do I do when I find a bug?

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What do I do when I find a bug?[edit]

Why do bugs happen?[edit]

Isleward is a game under development. The developer, Big Bad Waffle, makes new features and enhancements often allowing for many pesky bugs to creep in! The code can interact in unexpected ways, and some bugs may be triggered only under specific circumstances, and thus not caught before updates are released. Because of this, we need YOU to help catch bugs!

What should I do if I find a bug?[edit]

First, if there are other players online, it may be a good idea to confirm through the chat that the bug you have found is genuine, and not already known.

If you have found a new bug, or others are not online, there are currently two main ways to report bugs. One way is to report on the Isleward Discord. Go to #isleward and explain the bug. Someone will eventually report your bug.

The better way is to report the bug yourself through GitLab. Make an account and create an issue. Instead of signing up for an account, you can also log in using another external service such as GitHub.

If Big Bad Waffle is currently in-game, talking with him can also help get the bug logged. Sometimes the bug can be hotfixed immediately or it will make him aware of the issue. Other people in-game might also log the issue for you.

Make sure you take screenshots of proof of your bug, or a way to reproduce it. It may help the developer.

Finally, an in-game method of reporting is currently being developed and may be released in the future.

Good luck catching bugs!