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Skins may have multiple meanings in Isleward. See Skins (disambiguation) for more information.

Skins are a character's appearance in Isleward. Some skins are unlocked by default, but some must be obtained in Skin Pack MTXs.

List Of Skins[edit]

Name Class Default? Image Notes
Wizard 1 Wizard Yes Wizard1.png Costume 1
Wizard 2 Wizard Yes Wizard2.png Costume 2
Bearded Wizard Wizard No BeardedWizard.png Exclusive to Merrywinter event.
Warrior 1 Warrior Yes Warrior1.png Costume 1
Warrior 2 Warrior Yes Warrior2.png Costume 2
Cleric 1 Cleric Yes Cleric1.png Costume 1
Cleric 2 Cleric Yes Cleric2.png Costume 2
Thief 1 Thief Yes Missing.png
Thief 2 Thief Yes Missing.png
Necromancer 1 Necromancer Yes Necromancer.png The first skin to be added from a mod
Gaekatlan Druid Cleric No Missing.png Purchasable at the temple in Fjolarok
Pumpkin-Head Necromancer Necromancer No Pumpkin-Head-Necromancer.png Purchased from the The Pumpkin Sailor during the Soul's Moor seasonal event