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Version 0.3.1: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Skins may have multiple meanings in Isleward that you can change on a Wardrobe. See Skins (disambiguation) for more information.

Skins are a character's appearance in Isleward. Some skins are unlocked by default, but some must be obtained in Skin Pack MTXs, or won as prizes from events.

Before your skins were limited to the class you had but now you can choose any of the skins in the beginning.

List Of Skins[edit]

Name Image How to get
Wizard 1 Wizard1.png Available by Default
Wizard 2 Wizard2.png Patron
Warrior 1 Warrior1.png Available by Default
Warrior 2 Warrior2.png Patron
Thief 1 Thief1.JPG Available by Default
Thief 2 Thief2.JPG Patron
Cleric 1 Cleric1.png Patron
Cleric 2 Cleric2.png Patron
Necromancer 1 Necromancer.png Patron
Gaekatlan Druid GaekatlanDruid.png Purchasable for 1000 gold from the priest in Fjolarok
Requires exalted reputation with Gaekatla.
Sorcerer Sorcerer.png Elite Skin Pack MTX
Diviner Diviner.png Elite Skin Pack MTX
Cutthroat Cutthroat.png Elite Skin Pack MTX
Man of War ManofWar.png Elite Skin Pack MTX
Occultist Occultist.png Elite Skin Pack MTX
Crusader 1 Crusader1.png Old Event Prizes, Crusader Skin Pack MTX
Crusader 2 Crusader2.png Old Event Prizes, Crusader Skin Pack MTX
Crusader 3 Crusader3.png Old Event Prizes, Crusader Skin Pack MTX
Crusader 4 Crusader4.png Old Event Prizes, Crusader Skin Pack MTX
Grand Crusader GrandCrusader.png Old Event Prizes, Crusader Skin Pack MTX
Infernal Crusader InfernalCrusader.png Old Prizes for the first 5 players to reach level 20, Patron
Frozen Lance Knight FrozenLanceKnight.png Patron
Bearded Wizard BeardedWizard.png Exclusive to Merrywinter event.
Pumpkin-head Necromancer Pumpkin-Head-Necromancer.png Exclusive to Soul's Moor event.