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Shared Stash[edit]

Version 0.3.1: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

The Shared Stash is a box where players can store items inside. There are currently two stashs in Hermit's shack and Vikar's house in Fjolgard.

To store items, you need to stand next to a shared stash, right-click on an item in the inventory (I) and press stash. To access the stash, press U to open the stash UI while standing next to it. To move items from the stash to inventory, right click on an item and press unstash in the stash UI.

Items in the two stashes are linked and shared by all characters in the same account, so you can use it to transfer items to other characters.


  • Prior to v0.3.0, you could store unlimited number of items in the stash.