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Level: 18
Health: 300000-400000
Attack: Arcabe Ranged/AOE
Mana: /
Armor: /
Drops: 5 items of magic or better quality
Location: Crystal Caves


Radulos is the boss monster of the Crystal Caves in Fjolarok. Radulos can be found in the area behind the wall deep in the caves, and is extremely difficult to defeat. Radulos can cast Magic Missile and emit large amount of gas around him. The gas clouds are red-colored and deal large amounts of damage covering a large area. Radulos can also summons Slimy Offspring, which are consumed by Radulos to heal.

Radulos always drops 5 Items of magic quality or better. Thus quality doesn't affect him.

Radulos Strategy[edit]

The main strategy is to deal the maximum damage you can with Flurry or other runes before dying.

Try to avoid red gas if one spawn on your character.

Good Hp/Health regeneration, aura buffs, consecrate, harvest life, Cowl of Obscurity help a lot in this fight.

Radulos will summon 1 Slimy Offspring sometime during the fight. Try to kill him at fast at possible, bear or lynx with charge can do the job. If a Slimy Offspring hit Radulos, Radulos will hit the Slimy Offspring and get a huge heal (~40000 hp).


  • Radulos respawns every 10 minutes.
  • Try to be out of his attack range before respawn.